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Cash on Delivery (COD)

In the southeast asian countries Cash on Delivery (COD) is considered to be one of the most popular ways of the transaction in online buying and selling. Almost all countries where online businesses have flourished, COD has become a standard payment method for online shopping. Among them, some of the countries are Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh and so on.

Why your business needs Cash-on-Delivery?

Increased orders

When the payment is not due at the time of order, you can get a lot of impulse orders.

Gain Credibility

Build a great relationship with your customers by offering multiple payment modes and cod courier services.

Great Marketing Strategy

Customers from most Southeast Asian countries prefer COD orders, and that’s why it’s a great way to promote your brand in the market to attract more customers.

Additional COD services & Solutions

Early & Wordlwide COD remittance

Take control of your cash flow and receive Advanced/Early COD payments with no hold.

You don’t have to wait for delayed remittances from couriers, we will remit your revenues for every successful delivery.

*COD Remittances can be sent to any bank account, anywhere in the world.

Grow your eCommerce business with faster, seamless and efficient remittance process.

Order Confirmation For COD

Our call centre agents will do the order confirmation, Validating addresses for COD (Cash On Delivery) orders, this will help decrease the return rate (RTS).

Upsell Service For COD orders

Increase your average order value with our Upsell service, Our Sales Agents will contact your customers and offer more discounts/promos to increase your order value.

Platform optimized For COD

Our Platform is Fully optimized for COD and is Integrated to all major channels like Shopify, Woocommerce, Lazada, Shopee And shipping carriers.
You can track orders, remittances, deliveries and returns (RTS/RTO) Rates. Our platform also offers Business analytics to help you make informed decisions & Manage finances with COD and Billing Reconciliation Dashboard

COD Solutions