To better help visitors understand how and why cookies are saved and used to improve visitors’ experiences on the website, the statements provided herein explain the cookie policies (“Cookie Policy”) of the Website.


  • What a cookie is:

A cookie is a small online file that a visitor’s web browser creates and stores in their device, either temporarily or permanently, to improve the responsiveness of a web page to their needs. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we outline the procedures for gathering and using visitor data on our website, and one method we use to gather this data is through the use of cookies. We use cookies to assign each visitor a distinct, random identity that resides on the visitor’s device in order to assist our Website be more responsive to the needs of our users. These cookies identify the device a visitor uses to access our website rather than directly identifying them as an individual. We won’t know who you are unless you explicitly identify yourself (for instance, by registering), even if we set a cookie on your device.


1.2. Cookies serve a variety of purposes to improve your experience, including making it easier for you to navigate between sites by remembering your preferences. As a result, deactivating cookies may make it impossible for you to use some features of the website and mobile site. In order to give a better service that is focused on the needs of our visitors, we utilize cookies to help us personalize our website to your needs. Cookies help us understand which features are most and least popular with visitors. We hope to improve and create better content by gaining knowledge on the pages that our readers visit and how frequently.


  1. What kind of cookies are used by the website? We employ the following cookie categories:


2.1. Required cookies: As soon as you log in to our website, we create and store cookies. Your login sessions are managed by these cookies. In order to make sure that you can only access certain services and locations when you are logged in, these cookies are normally deleted or wiped after you log out.


  1. Do these cookies identify or gather my personal information?

3.1. The majority of cookie types follow users via their device identifier or internet protocol (“IP”) address, which allows them to gather personal information. The data these cookies acquire may include personal information depending on the kind of cookies the relevant third party uses, although they might not be able to directly identify you as an individual or have any of your personal information like your name, email address, or cellphone number.


  1. Is it possible to manage cookies stored on this website?

4.1. There are solutions available to enable you view websites anonymously if you do not want cookies to be produced and kept on your device, including the ability to set your web browser to prevent all cookies or to start an anonymous browsing session.


4.2. After using our website, you can easily erase cookies. Additionally, cookies cannot be put on your device if you access our website while using your web browser’s anonymous visitor setting (known as “Incognito” in Chrome, “InPrivate” in Internet Explorer, etc.).


Additionally, many popular online browsers provide security features that allow you to block all, some particular, or some third-party cookies. You can also enable web browser features that might let you reject cookies. When you access or log in to our Website, our system will create and store cookies on your device unless you have configured your web browser to reject them.


4.4. You must accept cookies in order to access some of the functions on our website, thus we highly advise you to do so. There is a quick method to manually erase cookies if you do not wish to use their benefits. Most web browsers’ toolbars have a “help” button that will tell you how to disable cookies entirely, tell your browser to notify you when it receives new cookies, or prohibit it from receiving new cookies completely.


  1. Requirements for use


5.1. If you choose to visit our website, the Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions all apply to your visit as well as any potential privacy issue.


  1. Potential Changes:


Internet technology is constantly developing. We reserve the right to modify our Cookie Policy at any time. If we do, we will post the revised policy prior to its implementation. You will be deemed to have accepted the revisions if you continue to use the website after receiving such notification of them. Every time you visit the Site, we encourage you to go over our Cookie Policy.


  1. Additional Details


7.1. If you have any questions about this cookie policy. You may reach us at:

  1. Gerodias St, San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines, 4023.


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