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Let NIRVASIAN Pick, Pack and Deliver your orders with our Fulfillment Service.Ā 

How We Can Help You?

From Product Sourcing and Importation, Storage of Products, Inventory Management, Launching of Online Shops, Drive Traffic to Sites, Order Fulfillment, Shipping and Returns Management, we have what it takes to help you in any part of your eCommerce journey.

Product Importation

We help you source and import your items at the best possible prices.

Synced channels

Shopify, Lazada and Shopee system integration of orders . We can manage multiple online platforms as needed in your requirements.

Inventory Management

Inventory tracking, replenishment and reporting all in one place.

Order Fulfillment

Get your orders picked, packed and delivered to your customers.

Optimized shipping

Donā€™t overpay for shipping. Get the best rates from our integrated logistics partners.

Returns Management

Online Operations can be tricky, various reasons why a customer would want to return a product. Let us handle that for you.

How it works

Nirvasian Fulfillment is your all-in-one warehouse, order fulfillment and shipping partner.

Connect your store to Nirvasian Fulfillment

Send us your inventory to our warehouse.

We handle shipping, returns and exchanges for you

Your customers receive their orders on time

Add-On Services

Social Media Marketing

Get in front of your audiences fast with our optimized ad services.

Call centre

Our call centre service includes Sales, order confirmation, Validating addresses for COD (Cash On Delivery) orders and customer service.

Increase Order Value

Increase your average order value with our Upsell service, we call your customers to offer more discounts/promos to increase your order value.


Nirvasian’s Platform is integrated with Multiple Logistics partners as 3rd Party, and we’re open to integrate with more depending on our clients business needs.


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